Processing CICS statistical records

MainView for CICS writes additional SMF 110 subtype x'0002' and subtype x'0B02' statistical records to SMF data sets when it monitors a CICS region.You can turn off recording these records by editing the CMRSOPT.

See SMF data recording for information about the parameter that is used to control statistical recording.

Some MainView for CICS records are written with a subtype of X'0B02' compared to the X'0002' subtype of a CICS SMF 110 record. These records are not compatible with the CICS statistics program and some vendors’ products that use SMF 110 records. In this case, MainView for CICS records must be excluded from the SMF data set before CICS statistics are processed.

An IBM utility program named DFHSTUP can exclude non-SMF records from the data set. DFHSTUP is described in the IBM publication CICS Installation and Operations Guide. BBSAMP member CMRSTATX has JCL to use this utility to remove MainView for CICS records from the SMF data set.

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