Option to use the CICS APPLID as MainView service point identifier

You can specify that the MainView for CICS product uses the IBM CICS APPLID as the MainView service point identifier instead of the CICS JOB name or STC name.

This feature only changes the service point identifier that is used only in window views as single target CONTEXT or included in a SSI context definition. This feature does not affect the way MainView for CICS and MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS manage interactions with the CICS targets, which is based on the CICS job name.

The SPATCICS= parameter in UBBPARM member CMRBEXnn controls how to turn on this option.

Parameter settingDefinition


This is the default setting.

Specifies that CICS service point identifiers are one of the following:

  • The JOB name of the target CICS region
  • The STC name of the CICS region
  • The STEPNAME qualifier used in starting the STC


Specifies that CICS service point identifiers are the APPLID of the target CICS region.

The APPLID is used only to identify the target CICS region when setting the CONTEXT related to MainView for CICS views.

The following message is issued to the BBI-SS PAS job log:

FT3098I  MainView for CICS initializing to use CICS APPLID as service point identifier  

Special requirements and considerations

  • The SPATCICS=APPLID option requires that your site runs with the AutoConnect facility turned on with ACONCICS=ONLY specified in the UBBPARM member BBISSPnn.

  • You must implement SPATCICS=APPLID on all BBI-SS PASs that are running MainView for CICS. Failure to implement this method for all affected targets may result in unpredictable routing of requests across the CASPlex.

  • MainView for CICS, like all MainView products, requires unique target names. Sites using SPATCICS=APPLID must ensure that the APPLIDs for all targets are unique throughout the CASPlex.

  • Choosing to specify SPATCICS=APPLID allows your site to use the same JOB or STC name on separate LPARs, provided that the CICS APPLIDs are unique. Using a duplicate JOB or STC names on a single LPAR is unsupported and will result in unpredictable problems during BBI-SS PAS to CICS connection and when routing requests.

  • All MainView for CICS and MainView AutoOPERATOR functions are still based upon the JOB or STC identifier associated with the target CICS region. The jobname is still used in all issued messages related to the CICS. The jobname is still used in all issued messages related to the CICS.

  • The APPLID is only used for service point attach with SPATCICS=APPLID.  The service point is used by window views in single or SSI contexts.  All MainView for CICS views use the service point to identify the record for each CICS except for task performance history-related views and administration-related views. 

  • All administration views (CMRDETA, CMRSOPT, CMRPRBT, etc.) use the BBI-SS PAS id as the context, and the view contents are based on CICS jobname. 

  • Special notes on using the task performance history-related views:
    • The CHIST and CHISTINT family of views retrieve data from the CMRDETL files.
    • These views use the CICS region identifier from the T6E$SYS field of the CMRDETL history records.
    • The T6E$SYS field reflects the JOBNAME of the CICS region where the transaction ran.

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