Implementing Selective CMRDETL Recording

MainView for CICS provides an optional Selective CMRDETL Recording function that operates within a target CICS region. You can use the Selective CMRDETL Recording function to exclude transactions from being recorded to the CMRDETL file. MainView for CICS continues to monitored these transactions however, the task records are not recorded. Only the transactions listed in the transaction exclude list in CMRSOPT excludes the transactions from all monitoring. If the transaction is listed on the exclude list in CMRSOPT, this function will not get to process the transaction at all.  

Use the Selective CMRDETL Recording (SDR) function when you want to suppress the recording of specific tasks that completed with normal resource usages but you want to see the tasks when the resource usages are not normal. You can specify up to 12 different resource criteria and when a task exceeds any of these criteria, SDR will record the task. In addition, the task is always recorded if it abends.

By default, the function is disabled. The SDR function requires that you define the targets and the transactions that SDR will control. To turn on SDR, specify CMRDETL=SEL in BBPARM member CMRSOPnn with the CMRSOPT administration views. The CMRDETL=SEL setting implies that CMRDETL recording is on with Selective CMRDETL Recording.  For more information about using the CMRSOPT views to change the CMRDETL setting, see the section CMRSOPT view in the MainView for CICS Online Service Reference.                                                         

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