Implementing security

To secure MainView for CICS, BMC recommends that you use your existing site external security manager that uses the z/OS system authorization facility (SAF) interface.

SAF passes security requests to external security managers (ESMs). SAF security supports the IBM RACF product and the CA Technologies CA-ACF2 and CA-Top Secret products.

Profile names define product resources that are secured by an ESM through the SAF interface. The following books provide the information that you need to secure MainView for CICS resources with an ESM:

  • MainView Security Reference Manual lists the SAF entity names for MainView for CICS services, views, and actions.

  • MainView Security Guide describes how to use Plex Manager security views to manage security parameter and resource class property members in the BBSECURE data set.


Most of the full-screen displays from earlier versions are no longer available in version 6.8 of the MainView for CICS product.  

The proprietary security macro, CMRSECU, which you used to protect the action commands from full-screen displays and accessing these displays, is not supported in this version. Support for the CMRSECU macro was withdrawn in version 6.5. Any existing CMRSECU settings will still work in this release as a compatibility measure only.  

If you are still using this macro, you must migrate your security definitions to your site's external security manager, which uses the IBM z/OS system authorization facility (SAF) interface.

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