Implementing OLTHCICS to control PLT processing

Some sites might require that the MainView CICS agents be initialized before allowing PLT processing to continue.

The MainView for CICS facilities on the CICS and the MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS transient data exit will not start processing until communications have been established with the BBI-SS. When the MainView agent initialization is started from the PLT (see Step 4: Modify the PLT in Standard implementation procedures), the BMC agent initialization occurs concurrently with PLT processing.

You can use an optional PLT program from BMC, OLTHCICS, to delay PLT processing until either communications are established and the BMC MainView agents have initialized, or a time limit has expired.

OLTHCICS waits to verify that the BMC MainView agents have established communications between the CICS region and the BBI-SS. After confirming the communications link, OLTHCICS returns control to the PLT, allowing CICS initialization to continue. By default, OLTHCICS will wait up to 60 seconds for the communications link to be established; you can change the default to any value from 10 to 150 seconds, as explained in Implementing the OLTHCICS program.


BMC does not recommend using this procedure because it will delay initializing the CICS regions and prevent useful work from beginning until the BBI-SS is active and communications with the CICS region has begun.

The OLTHCICS program is provided only because some sites have requirements that either MainView for CICS or MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS is active before allowing processing on the CICS region.

The failure to start the BBI-SS results in a delay of CICS startup of up to 150 seconds (depending on your settings) and each site should carefully consider the implications of delaying PLT processing before using this program.

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