Dual data set considerations

Keep the following special considerations in mind when using dual CMRDETL data sets:
  • data set switching messages

    Data set switching messages can be seen in the BBI-SS joblog and the BBI-SS journal. The messages are documented under the MESSAGES service (MSG msg#).

  • Online access of CMRDETL data

    The selection criteria specified in the online History service determines which data set to read.

  • batch processing of CMRDETL data sets

    Batch jobs should never be run against the inactive CMRDETL data set. For example, if a Performance Reporting Language (PRL) program uses CMRDETL data, the job must run against either the active data set or an archived copy of the inactive data set. Your batch job can fail if it is actively selecting records from the inactive CMRDETL data set when a switch occurs.

    If necessary, the primary and archived data can be REPROed with IDCAMS into a single file for batch processing.

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