Connection facility

MainView for CICS establishes communications with target CICS regions using the connection facility. It is based on entries in the Jobname Node Table (JNT), which is allocated in private storage of the BBI-SS PAS.

This table is also used by various other BMC products. Entries are added to the JNT in the following ways:

  • from the static elements contained in the UBBPARM member BBIJNT00

  • from Dynamic Target Definition (TGTDEF) elements

  • built at the request of the AutoConnect facility (recommended)

These sources, used separately or together, provide a wide range of options and methods to manage your CICS regions.


You must use a unique job name (or STC name) for each CICS target that is connected to the PASplex. Targets that are defined as elements in BBPARM member BBIJNT00 (or in a dynamic target definition) must also use a unique alias.  If you do not specify an alias for an element in BBPARM member BBIJNT00 (or in a dynamic target definition), the PASplex uses the CICS APPLID as an alias name for the CICS target. For a workaround to the duplicate target name restriction, see knowledge article KA000029293.

There is a maximum of 150 targets you can connect to a BBI-SS PAS but for better performance, BMC recommends you do not specify more than 120 targets.

The connection facility has two parts:

  • Code that executes during MainView for CICS agent initialization on the CICS region requests the assignment of a BBI-SS PAS, or requests a specific BBI-SS PAS by using a BBI-SS PAS directive, as described in Providing a BBI-SS PAS directive to a target CICS region

  • Code that executes on the BBI-SS PAS

    • manages the common request queue (this queue is shared by each BBI-SS PAS running on an LPAR)

    • processes the requests from the common request queue and assigns the appropriate BBI-SS PAS based on a user requested control.

    • manages the creation and deletion of the resources (control blocks, tasks, and so on) that are needed to manage an assigned CICS region

The connection facility enables you to have as much or as little control over which CICS connects to which BBI-SS PAS running in the same LPAR as you want. Control is specified with parameter ACONCICS= in member BBISSPnn in UBBPARM: 

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