The Automatic Connection facility—AutoConnect—enables you to manage the connection between a CICS region and its managing BBI-SS PAS without manually creating and maintaining the definitions that relate the region to the BBI-SS PAS.

With AutoConnect a CICS region does not need prior knowledge of any BBI-SS PAS, nor does a BBI-SS PAS need prior knowledge of any CICS region that it is to manage.

AutoConnect is most effective for sites with a large number of CICS targets that are managed by any one of a number of BBI-SS PASs, such as sites with cloned AORs that are moved from LPAR to LPAR. For these sites, the Dynamic Targets facility requirement of creating and changing target definitions can prove unwieldy.

Using AutoConnect, BBI-SS PAS selection is initiated by a CICS region posting a request to a common queue that is serviced by the BBI-SS PASs running on an LPAR. A BBI-SS PAS determines the relative strength of each candidate BBI-SS PAS by applying a defined set of weights to affinity factors, such as the presence of a CMRDETL file, or a previous communications connection between the CICS region and the BBI-SS PAS.

When a candidate is selected, the CICS region waits while the selected BBI-SS PAS builds the required structures and establishes communications with the target CICS region.


Due to the nature of the criteria used to select the appropriate BBI-SS PAS, some sites may find it beneficial to use a combination of AutoConnect and the less flexible dynamic or static JNT.

AutoConnect introduces the program resource OLTACICS. See Managed resources for more information.

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