Step 3: Create EXCI connection and session definitions

The BBI-SS PAS uses the EXCI function to reconnect to CICS (after the BBI-SS PAS is recycled) to handle line commands that are issued in the CREGAGT view and to pass the task kill exit table to the task kill exit running in CICS.

For more information, see CREGAGT view commands and Implementing the task kill function.

Program, transaction, connection, and session definitions are required in order to use the EXCI function. Ensure that all CICS systems have the appropriate EXCI connection and session definitions installed and in service. MainView for CICS provides the necessary program and transaction definitions: BMCE (transaction), OLTFSET (program).

You must create the connection and session definitions yourself. The connection definitions can be anything you want as long as they specify the EXCI protocol, IRC access method, and CONNTYPE(GENERIC). The CICS supplied group DFH$EXCI can be used. DFH$EXCI has ATTACHCSEC(IDENTIFY) specified; the BBI-SS PAS address space must have a valid user ID associated with it or transaction BMCE will abend with ATCY.

EXCI requires that ISC=YES and IRCSTRT=YES are specified in the SIT. Refer to the CICS External Interfaces Guide for more information about the EXCI interface.

The CREGAGT view provides commands that control the MainView agents (extractor, task kill, MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS, SMF recording of the CICS CMF 110 records, and auto maintenance). These commands are directed to target CICS systems through EXCI. If you are using DFHXCURM, the EXCI user-replaceable module, to redirect EXCI requests, you must ensure that MainView for CICS requests are not redirected. A MainView for CICS request can be detected by checking the URMPROG parameter in DFHXCURM for the program name 'OLTFSET'.

Refer to Site-specific security for important security considerations when you use the EXCI facility.

Next, modify the PLT table to automate initiation of BBI-SS PAS to CICS communication at CICS startup by following the instructions in Step 4: Modify the PLT.

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