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The MainView for IMS Offline product provides complete IMS monitoring and includes external subsystem monitoring through the IMS Attach Facility.
updated 06 Mar

MainView for IMS Offline User Guide


Documents how to use the MainView for IMS Offline product, including the Transaction Accountant and Performance Reporter components. Also includes information about the IMS resource utilization file (IRUF).


MainView for IMS and MainView for DBCTL Customization Guide


Documents how to implement, configure, and customize the MainView for IMS Online, MainView for IMS Offline, and MainView for DBCTL products for your use.



Information about installing and maintaining the product.



BMC messages from the following product lines:

  • BMC products for DB2
  • BMC products for IMS
  • Cost Optimization products
  • MainView products

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FAQs and additional resources
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