Workbench Total Test REST APIs

The Total Test REST APIs are also documented with swagger and are found under the Total Test web client at the CES server at http(s)://<CES url>/totaltestapi/swagger-ui.html. Here we will introduce how to use the APIs. All functionality used by the web client and  Workbench is exposed as REST-based APIs and can be used and integrated with third-party software. The Total Test web client contains a link under the menu: Configuration > API explorer that will open a web page that documents all available APIs including the ones described in this document. Introduction to the API explorer is found in Introduction to the Web-based API Explorer. All APIs are in the form https://<CES url>/totaltestapi/<rest address>. The remainder of this section will refer to the /<rest address> part of the URL.

This section provides information about the following topics:

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