Workbench CLI

The Workbench CLI (Command Line Interface) allows actions to be triggered on the mainframe without the need for the Workbench Eclipse Graphical User Interface (GUI). The Workbench CLI can be used to automate various tasks from a variety of different methods such as from an integration server or within a build tool Jenkins or other CI servers.

The Workbench CLI is distributed via the full Workbench for Eclipse installation media and may be used to execute a set of Workbench and Code Pipeline related functions from a batch/shell interface. A 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required for the Workbench CLI. Refer to Workbench Installation Guide for full installation details.

After installation, the command line interface folder contains a set of .bat files that can be used to execute the required functions.

These are:

.bat file    Description

Allows downloading results from a BMC AMI DevX Code Coverage repository by specifying the repository name, system name and test ID.


Used for the Git to BMC AMI Common Enterprise Services integration


Allows interaction with the Code Pipeline downloader to download sources from Code Pipeline repositories, Endevor repositories or PDS

SubmitJclCLI.batAllows submitting JCL on the mainframe and retrieving the return code

Allows execution of Total Test scenarios and suites. This includes Total Test scenarios (.scenario) as well as unit test scenarios (.testscenario)


Deprecated. Use TotalTestFTCLI instead. Allows execution of Total Test unit test scenarios and suites.

This section provides information about the following:

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