List Operation

All list operations on artifacts in the repository accepts parameters for filtering, sorting and pagination. This makes it efficient to do server-side filtering, sorting and pagination which is required when the number of artifacts grow large. A list of artifacts is received from the URL.

  • GET /<resourceName>: The following URL parameters can be used:
  • pageNumber: The page number starting from 0
  • pageSize: Number of items to return per page
  • sort: Name of the attribute on which to do the sorting. It can be followed by a comma and either desc (descending) or asc (ascending) to specific which direction to sort, for example: name, asc
  • filter: A json string containg attribute names and filters, for example: {"name":"xapgm","description":"hello"}

Counting total number of items

Artifacts that support list operations all have a count API that takes same parameters as above and that returns the total number of artifacts matching the filter. The count operation is accessed through the URL:

GET /<resourceName>/count

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