Introduction to the Web based API Explorer

From the Total Test web client the menu: Configuration->API Explorer will open a new browser tab and all APIs can be seen and tried out. The following image displays the web page.

Select an area like Analyse Component on host to view a list of APIs related to this resource. You can select an API and view the details such as query and header parameters, request, and response body. The following image is illustrated for the API to execute test scenarios (or test cases) for a specific component.

Here you can see that the componentName and environmentId parameters are required while other parameters are optional. Clicking the Try it out button will execute the API, and you will see the request URL and response as displayed in the following image.


Most APIs require authorization. All authorization goes through CES and is using CES security. If CES is not using user authentication you will be able to access all APIs. If CES is using user authentication, you will have to provide your CES user credentials. You can use the Authorize button in the top right corner to setup authorization.


The execution of APIs through the API Explorer currently does not work.

To access APIs when CES is using user authentication:

  1. Click the Authorize key and in the dialog enter your CES UserID/password and click Authorize.
  2. You can now use all APIs, except those that require admin permissions, if you do not have the Total Test admin role assigned to you. For instance, expand the Components API, expand the GET: /component API and click Try it out. It will return the first 10 component definitions in the repository.

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