Getting online help

Executing any of the .bat files without parameters, or with just the -data parameter, or with the -help parameter will return the help pages for the respective file. 


CodeCoverageCLI.bat -data C:\Users\cwde-rnuesse\Compuware\Topaz\TopazCLIWorkspace

Using this command will result in the following output:

Code Coverage CLI started, version = 19.02.01. 
Program arguments were not passed in the ALL_ARGS environment variable, will use the Eclipse command line to parse. 
usage: Code Coverage CLI
    --cc.ddio.overrides <arg>   comma separated list of DDIO overrides
    --cc.repos <arg>            the code coverage repository (dataset
    --cc.sources <arg>          comma separated list of source folders
                                where the source has been downloaded
    --cc.system <arg>           the code coverage system name
    --cc.test <arg>             the code coverage test name
 -certificate <arg>             the certificate base-64 string
 -certificateAlias <arg>        the certificate alias
 -code <arg>                    the code page for the connection
 -help                          print help
 -host <arg>                    the host name or IP to be connected
 -id <arg>                      the user name
 -keystore <arg>                the keystore file path or reserved
                                keystore name
 -keystorePassword <arg>        the keystore password
 -pass <arg>                    the user password
 -port <arg>                    the port to be connected
 -protocol <arg>                the encryption protocol for the connection
                                (None, Auto, SSLv3, TLS, TLSv1, TLSv1.1,
 -targetFolder <arg>            the target folder where the source will be
 -timeout <arg>                 the timeout (in minutes) for the
The host parameter is not specified. 
Code Coverage CLI ended with status = 4. 
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