Defining a generation data group

In order to define a generation data group, you first must create the define generation data group parameters using a DefineGenerationDataGroupParametersBuilder. After creating your parameters, you can then define your generation data group using an IDatasetCommandProvider.

To create define generation data group parameters using all defaults:

IDefineGenerationDataGroupParameters parameters = DefineGenerationDataGroupParametersBuilder

To create define generation data group parameters while overriding some parameters:

IDefineGenerationDataGroupParameters parameters = DefineGenerationDataGroupParametersBuilder
        .setScratchOnEmpty(true, false).build();

// alternatively:

DefineGenerationDataGroupParametersBuilder builder = DefineGenerationDataGroupParametersBuilder
builder.setScratchOnEmpty(true, false);
IDefineGenerationDataGroupParameters parameters =;

To define a generation data group:

IDataSetCommandProvider commandProvider = ...
String generationDataGroupName = ...
IDefineGenerationDataGroupParameters parameters = ...

try {
} catch (GenerationDataGroupExistsException e) {
    // the generation data group (or a like-named dataset) already
    // exists
} catch (DefinitionFailedException e) {
    // the definition failed - most likely because the user does not
    // have the proper authority
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