Code Pipeline CLI (IspwCLI.bat)

The Code Pipeline CLI synchronizes source from Git to Code Pipeline.

-gitBranch <arg>The target Git branch name
-gitCommit <arg>The Git commit hash (long or short) or a colon-delimited list of file paths in the workspace
-gitFromHash <arg>A Git hash to start syncing a list of commits which is not included in the sync, or -1 for multibranch project support
-gitLocalPath <arg>The location of the local Git repository
-gitPassword <arg>Git password
-gitRepoUrl <arg>Git Repository URL
-gitUsername <arg>Git user name
-ispwCheckoutLevel <arg>The test level to check components out to
-ispwContainerCreation <arg>

The option to indicate how often to create a new Code Pipeline container

-ispwContainerDescription <arg>

The custom description to be used for the Code Pipeline container

-ispwServerApp <arg>

The Code Pipeline application

-ispwServerConfig <arg>

The Code Pipeline server config

-ispwServerStream <arg>

The Code Pipeline stream name

-operation <arg>

The Code Pipeline operation to perform

-targetFolder <arg>The target folder where the output of the operation will be saved

For an example of using the CLI (the plugin to be precise), refer to the Git to Code Pipeline Integration - A Tutorial.

Examples of CLI using certificate authentication

The following are few sample certificates used by IspwCLI.bat:

With ID and Password

IspwCLI.bat -host "your-hci-host" -port "your-hci-port" -id "your-user-name" -pass "your-user-password" -code "your-codepage-connection" -timeout 0 -ispwServerConfig TPZP -gitRepoUrl "your-git-repository-url" -gitUsername "your-git-username" -gitPassword "your-git-password" -gitBranch "your-target-git-branch-name" -gitCommit "your-git-commit-hash" -gitFromHash -1 -ispwServerStream PLAY -ispwServerApp PLAY -ispwCheckoutLevel DEV1 -ispwContainerCreation per-commit -gitLocalPath "your-local-gitrepository-location" -targetFolder "your-target-folder-location" -operation syncGitToIspw

With keystore

IspwCLI.bat -host "your-hci-host" -port "your-hci-port" -keystore "your-keystore-username" -keystorePassword "your-keystore-user-password" -certificateAlias "your-certificate-alias" -code "your-codepage-connection" -timeout 0 -ispwServerConfig TPZP -operation syncGitToIspw -gitRepoUrl "your-git-repository-url" -gitUsername "your-git-username" -gitPassword "your-git-password" -gitBranch "your-target-git-branch-name" -gitCommit "your-git-commit-hash" -gitFromHash -1 -ispwServerStream PLAY -ispwServerApp PLAY -ispwCheckoutLevel DEV1 -ispwContainerCreation per-commit -gitLocalPath "your-local-gitrepository-location" -targetFolder "your-target-folder-location"

With certificate base-64 string

IspwCLI.bat -operation syncGitToIspw -host "your-hci-host" -port "your-hci-port" -certificate "your-base64-certificate-string"-protocol None -code 1047 -timeout "90" -targetFolder "your-target-folder-location" -ispwServerConfig tpzp -ispwServerStream PLAY -ispwServerApp PLAY -ispwCheckoutLevel DEV1 -ispwContainerCreation per-commit -gitUsername "your-git-username" -gitPassword "your-git-password" -gitRepoUrl "your-git-repository-url" -gitBranch "your-target-git-branch-name" -gitFromHash -1 -gitLocalPath "your-local-gitrepository-location"

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