Code Coverage (CodeCoverageCLI.bat)

The Code Coverage CLI downloads code coverage results from from Code Debug and generates a code coverage file that SonarQube can consume.

-cc.ddio.overrides <arg>Comma separated list of DDIO overrides
-cc.repos <arg>The code coverage repository (dataset name)
-cc.sources <arg>Comma separated list of source folders where the source has been downloaded to
-cc.system <arg>The code coverage system name
-cc.test <arg>The code coverage test name
-targetFolder <arg>The target folder where the data will be downloaded to

Example using Code Coverage Results

The following example will download the Code Coverage results from repository 'HDDRXM0.DEMO.COCO.REPOS', using the system RXN3, and test ID 646. All resources reside on host, communicating on port 16196. The results will be downloaded to the Coverage sub folder of the specified target folder. The sources to compare the Code Coverage results against are expected to reside in sub folder RXN3\MF_Source. (The latter requires that the sources of the programs in question have been downloaded already to the specified folder.)

@echo off

REM Script to download CoCo results using the Topaz CLI
REM **********************************************************
REM Configuration Variables for the Script
REM Change according to your environment
REM **********************************************************
REM CLIPath  Installation Path of your Topaz CLI 
REM JAVA_HOME Installation Path of Java
SET "CLIPath=C:\Program Files\Compuware\Topaz Workbench CLI 1921\"
SET "workspace=C:\Users\cwde-rnuesse\Compuware\Topaz\TopazCLIWorkspace"
SET "targetFolder=C:\Users\cwde-rnuesse\Compuware\Topaz\TopazCLIWorkspace"
SET ""
SET "port=16196"
SET "codepage=1047"
SET "user=++++++++"
SET "pw=********"

SET "test=646"
SET "system=RXN3"
SET "sources=RXN3\MF_Source"

SET "JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101"

"%CLIPath%"CodeCoverageCLI.bat -host %host% -port %port% -id %user% -pass %pw% -code %codepage% -timeout "0" -targetFolder %targetFolder% -data %workspace% -cc.repos %repo% -cc.test %test% -cc.system %system% -cc.sources %sources%

Example of CLI using certificate authentication

The following is an example of CodeCoverageCLI.bat using certificate authentication.

CodeCoverageCLI.bat -host "your-hci-host" -port "your-hci-port" -code "your-codepage" -timeout "0" -certificate "your-base64-certificate-string" -targetFolder "your-targetfolder" -data "your-data-folder" -cc.repos "YOUR-CODECOVERAGE.DATASET.NAME" -cc."your-test-id" -cc.sources "your=source-folder" -cc.system "your-system-name"


The example uses Base-64 certificate to authenticate HCI.

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