Basic Continuous Integration (CI) scenario

The pipeline examples make use of BMC's and other plugins to implement the process and scenario as mentioned in the subsequent sections. They can be used to create a standardized approach for implementing a CI process for mainframe development. The scenarios and code are based on requests and requirements from customers who have already started implementing their own pipeline and have asked BMC for advice. Regardless of the tool in use to implement a CI strategy, the process we encounter or have helped implement for our customers, always looks similar to what we describe here.

The code we share here to implement these process steps, shows BMC's example approach to these requirements. It does not necessarily reflect actual customer implementations and is - in parts considerably - different from those implementations.

The Jenkins examples will help mainframe developers to familiarize themselves with Groovy Open link and its concepts.

The Azure DevOps Pipeline example, and underlying Microsoft PowerShell scripts, illustrate that you are not limited to Jenkins when implementing a mainframe-based CI process.

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