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BMC provides limited support for this version of the product. As a result, BMC no longer accepts comments in this space. If you encounter problems with the product version or the space, contact BMC Support.

BMC recommends upgrading to the latest version of the product. To see documentation for that version, see BMC AMI Ops Infrastructure 7.1 Open link .

Overview of views and displays

MainView products refer to the display of data as views (or as displays in full-screen mode). A view presents data that is acquired from a MainView product as a result of a command or action.

Each view consists of a query and a form. The query defines the data for the view, and the form defines how to present the data. When you request a view, the view's query executes against the data that the associated MainView product collects. The extracted data is then processed through the form template to configure the data's appearance in the view.

Each MainView product provides a variety of views or displays, but you can also create customized views. You can save customized views in a personal data set (unless disabled by your site administrator), or in a site data set to be shared by everyone.

This section contains the following topics :

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