Limited support


BMC provides limited support for this version of the product. As a result, BMC no longer accepts comments in this space. If you encounter problems with the product version or the space, contact BMC Support.

BMC recommends upgrading to the latest version of the product. To see documentation for that version, see BMC AMI Ops Infrastructure 7.1 Open link .

Online Help for ISPF (windows mode)

Online Help in windows mode is context sensitive based on the position of the cursor.

You can get Help information about:

  • Views that are associated with the active product

  • View fields

  • Window information line elements

  • Commands (for a list of commands, type HELP COMMANDS on any view COMMAND line)

  • The windows-mode interface

You can access the online Help by placing the cursor on an area of interest and pressing the Help (PF1) key. For online Help regarding commands or views, enter HELP and the name of the command or view on the COMMAND line (such as HELP TRANsfer or HELP PLEXOVER). The Help is displayed in pop-up windows that overlay part of your screen.


You can customize the online Help to meet your site's needs. For example, you can create online Help for views, view elements, or any topic, and you can create hyperlinks within your own Help text. For more information, see Administering.

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