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BMC provides limited support for this version of the product. As a result, BMC no longer accepts comments in this space. If you encounter problems with the product version or the space, contact BMC Support.

BMC recommends upgrading to the latest version of the product. To see documentation for that version, see BMC AMI Ops Infrastructure 7.1 Open link .

Online Help for full-screen mode

When operating in full-screen mode, you can display online Help information with any of these methods:
  • Using the Help (PF1) key

  • Using the H line command

  • Selecting the tutorial

Using the Help (PF1) key

Use the following procedure to access online Help in full-screen mode. You can get online Help about the current full-screen application at any time.

  1. From any screen, press the Help (PF1) key.

    An ISPF panel with information about the current application or service is displayed.


    With some product services, you can move the cursor to any field and press Help (PF1) to get specific information about that field.

    Also, pressing Help (PF1) when an error message is displayed usually generates a detailed description of that error.

  2. When finished, press the END (PF3) key to return to the original application or service.

Using the H line command

For the Current Traces, Active Timer Requests, and Analyzer Display Services applications, you can use the H line command to access application-specific online Help.

On the COMMAND line, type H.

Help information is displayed about the service for the selected request.

Accessing the online Help tutorial

Use the following procedure to access the online tutorial.

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, enter T on the COMMAND line to access the Tutorial Primary Menu.
  2. From the menu, select the option that corresponds to the type of information you prefer:
    • Full-screen tutorials provides information about all installed products and services that operate in full-screen mode. Menu options, applications, and commands are described in an extensive set of menus and panels.

    • News tells you what is new in the current product release.

    • Tutorial exercises offers step-by-step exercises to help new users learn about the product.

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