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Message LSCX904 is displayed in SYSTERM DD

If the TCPIP PROFILE file specifies a reserved port number for a started task name that does not match the UIM server started task name, message LSCX904 is displayed in the SYSTERM DD output.

To solve this problem, specify another port number for the UIM server, or correct the started task name.

To specify a different port number in the TCIP PROFILE file

  1. Review the SYSTERM DD output for the following message:

    LSCX904 **** WARNING **** ERRNO = EACCES
    Generated in     BIND called from line
    Unexpected failure in bind, reason code 744C7246

    If the message is in the SYSTEM DD output, the wrong name job name was used in the TCPIP PROFILE file.

  2. Select another port number for the UIM server.

    The following is a sample entry in the TCPIP PROFILE file:

    8300 TCP STFTUIM          ; BMC UIM server

    This entry reserves the port number 8300 for the job named STFTUIM that is associated with the UIM server. Any other job trying to access that port number receives message LSCX904 in the SYSTERM DD output.

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