Limited support


BMC provides limited support for this version of the product. As a result, BMC no longer accepts comments in this space. If you encounter problems with the product version or the space, contact BMC Support.

BMC recommends upgrading to the latest version of the product. To see documentation for that version, see BMC AMI Ops Infrastructure 7.1 Open link .

Manual customization

This topic describes the tasks for customizing the MainView environment manually. You can also use this information as a reference when configuring MainView products during installation.

You can use manual customization for all MainView products and MainView Infrastructure, which includes MainView Alarm Management, Alert Manager, and MainView Logger.


During installation, you select whether to use runtime libraries or SMP/E libraries. If you use runtime libraries, your customized library names will start with BMC. If you use SMP/E libraries, your customized library names will start with BB, UBB, or TOSZ. A few library names start with IBB or SBB for runtime or SMP/E libraries. For a list of data set names, see Product library customization summary.

The documentation uses the BB*, UBB*, and TOSZ* data set names, but your names might start with BMC*.

This section contains the following topics:

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