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Managing the historical database

This topic covers the maintenance tasks you perform to control historical data and manage the historical database that is used by a PAS.

To control the historical database for the current PAS, use the tasks in the following table.


View or Command


Understand how the historical database is structured and how data is recorded to the historical database

Not applicable

Understanding the historical database

View the status of all historical data sets


Viewing the status of historical data sets (DSLIST view)

Understand what the status of a historical data set means for recording or displaying data

Online Help for the Status field on the DSLIST view

Understanding the status of a historical data set

Change a data set's recording eligibility

O line command

Changing recording eligibility

Select the next data set for recording

F line command

Selecting the next data set for recording

Restrict read and write access to a data set

Q line command

Restricting read and write access to the active data set

Reinstate read and write access to a data set

U line command

Reinstating read and write access to a quiesced data set

Close a data set

F or Q line command

Closing a data set

Empty a data set

R line command

Emptying a historical data set

Allocate a historical data set to the PAS

ADD primary command or PAS started task procedure

Adding a historical data set dynamically or Allocating historical data sets to the historical database

Permanently save changes made to historical data sets

SAVE primary command

Saving dynamic changes to the historical database

Deallocate a historical data set

D line command

Deallocating a historical data set

Move data to and from the archive

REPRO or EXPORT function in IDCAMS

Archiving and retrieving historical data

This section contains the following topics:

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