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Managing SSI contexts


The information described in this section applies to all MainView products except for MainView FOCAL POINT.

A context is a frame of reference for the data that you display in views. A context can be limited to a single target application or be expanded to include all recognized targets providing data to a MainView product. In the case where you are viewing multiple targets, you can set the scope of your views to display selected targets within a context.

Contexts that include more than a single target are called single system image (SSI) contexts. An SSI context functions as a high-level filter that selects the data appearing in your views by the following criteria:

  • Target name (such as a CICS region, IMS or Db2 subsystem, or z/OS system image)

  • Products attached to a coordinating address space (CAS)

  • MainView product

  • Product attached to a product address space (PAS)

The following figure shows CICS, IMS, Db2, and z/OS target applications operating on two system images. MainView products are monitoring their respective targets.

Views set within SSI and target contexts

The ALL single system image (SSI) context provides data from all targets on all systems in a multi-system environment. ALL is a default SSI context that is available to MainView products, as shown in item (4) in the above figure. In this example, the ALL context represents the combination of all targets across both system images.

Item (1) in the above figure is also an example of a target context. A context set to CICSPDA1 within a MainView for CICS view is restricted to data collected from a single CICS region.

In either case, the context is a frame of reference that determines the data collected from MainView target applications that appears in views .

An SSI context must be defined in a series of Plex Manager views. The definition describes the filter conditions that select targets for the views set within the SSI context. After that, other requirements must be met before displaying views set to an SSI context. To support a user-defined SSI context definition, ensure that:

  • The correct SSI context definition member is defined to the local CAS

  • Your user ID is authorized to access each target

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