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Creating the CAS startup procedure

Use the following procedure to set up your CAS started task procedure. 


This task is required for all MainView products except MainView FOCAL POINT, to which it does not apply.

Before you begin

When you create the CAS started task procedure, use the SSID parameter on the PROC statement to specify a subsystem ID for the CAS.

The CAS subsystem ID is used:

  • To identify the CAS to the operating system

  • In the startup procedure of each PAS that connects to the CAS

  • In the Session Control Parameters dialog when a terminal session starts


The CAS and PAS started task procedures and the Session Control parameters dialog must all specify the same subsystem ID.

To create the CAS started task procedure

  1. Copy BBILIB member @@YZZ022 to SYS1.PROCLIB or another system procedure library and give it an appropriate name for a started task procedure.


    • By default, the installation configuration process creates a member called BBMCAS.

    • BMC recommends changing the started task name to MVCAS to be consistent with other MainView started task names.

  2. Follow the instructions at the top of the member to modify the procedure to your site requirements.

    For more information about the CAS library member, see CAS library member.


    If you use a Katakana terminal, specify CAPS=Y in the PARM statement of the CAS started task procedure, as shown in the following example:

    // 'EMM=&EMM,IVP=&IVP,CAPS=Y'),
    // TIME=1439,
    // REGION=4096K

    For detailed information, see Implementing Katakana terminal support.

  3. Define the CAS started task procedure to your IPL procedure so that the CAS starts at system initialization.


    The CAS must run as a started task.

  4. Modify the COMMNDxx member in SYS1.PARMLIB to add a START command for the CAS procedure:


    The variable procname is the name of the CAS started task procedure.


    If you plan to use TCP/IP for CAS-to-CAS communication, do not specify SUB=MSTR on the CAS START command. SUB=MSTR allows the CAS to start before OMVS, which can result in the CAS being unable to communicate via TCP/IP (even after OMVS and TCP/IP start).

Where to go from here

To support the MainView Infrastructure common registry, the CAS started task procedure must have:


BMC recommends that you:

  • Initiate the CAS as a started task (STC) through a system IPL procedure

  • Execute only one CAS per system image

  • Execute the CAS with a dispatching priority of 255

  • Execute the CAS as an STC for security reasons

Because the CAS contains functions that are accessed through cross-memory services, you should not run the CAS as a batch job.

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