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Closing a data set

There are a number of ways to close a data set, depending on the data set's current status.

A closed status for a data set is important because it enables a data set for reading. The ability to write to a closed data set is controlled by the O line command; see Changing recording eligibility.

Also, a data set must be closed before the following historical management tasks can be performed:

The following table describes how to close a data set for each Status field value.

Closing a historical data set





  • F or Q line command to change the Active status to Qscd

  • U line command to change the status from Qscd to Closed

Selecting the next data set for recording or Restricting read and write access to the active data set and Reinstating read and write access to a quiesced data set


O line command to set recording eligibility

Changing recording eligibility


R line command to make the data set eligible for recording again

The R line command empties the data in the data set. If you can determine a reason for the error condition based on diagnostic messages, you may be able to archive the data set before resetting it.

Emptying a historical data set



The data set is pending a closed condition and should close automatically unless an error condition is present.

An Open status rarely occurs. If this status is retained for more than one interval, an I/O error could be keeping the data set from closing.

Operator's console or job log for messages that might indicate a reason why the data set cannot close


U line command to change the Qscd status to Closed

Reinstating read and write access to a quiesced data set

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