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Changing recording eligibility

To change a historical data set's recording eligibility, use the O line command. This command can be used on data sets with a Closed status only; it has no effect on data sets with another status. The recording eligibility, originally set on the Add Historical Data Set dialog, appears in the Rec field and indicates whether the historical recorder can write data to a data set. The O line command controls write access to a data set and toggles recording eligibility from Yes to No and back again each time it is issued against a data set.

The following example shows how to issue the O line command against a data set to control write access by the historical recorder.

Using the O line command to change recording eligibility

 ddmmmyyyy  hh:mm:ss ------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( ------------
COMMAND  ===>                                               SCROLL ===> PAGE
CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>
>W1 =DSLIST===========SYSB=====*=======dd/mm/yyyy=hh:mm:ss====MVMVS==D=====3
C DDNAME   From Date  Time  To Date    Time  Rec Status Pending Data set nam
- ------   ---------- ----- ---------  ----- --- ------ ------- ------------
  HISTDS03 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm Yes Active ******  PROD1.IMAGSY
o HISTDS01 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm No  Closed ******  PROD1.IMAGSY
  HISTDS02 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm Yes Closed ******  PROD1.IMAGSY

When you press Enter, the value in the Rec field immediately changes to Yes or No.

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