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Allocating historical data sets to the historical database

A historical data set is added to DSLIST by being allocated to the PAS as part of the historical database.

After you have created and formatted the VSAM files that comprise the historical database as described in Managing historical data sets, you are ready to allocate the data sets that you want the historical recorder to write to.

MainView provides the following methods for allocating historical data sets to a PAS:



Dynamic allocation through the DSLIST view


The PAS does not need to be recycled if you add historical data sets by using this method.

Adding a historical data set dynamically

Allocation at PAS initialization by including DD statements in the PAS started task procedure for each data set


The PAS must be recycled if you add historical data sets by using this method.

Creating the z/OS PAS startup procedure

Creating a BBI-SS PAS startup procedure

If you prefer, you can use a combination of both methods (hardcoding DD statements in the PAS procedure and interactive allocation with the DSLIST view) to allocate as many historical data sets as you need during your user session.

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