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Working with alarm definition libraries

Other than the ACTIVE, MIGRATED, and DELETED libraries, libraries are created and removed by MainView Alarm Management as needed.

When you copy, move, or create an alarm definition and you specify a library that does not exist, the library is created. When a library becomes empty, it is deleted.

If you want to copy or rename a library, you have to copy or move all the groups in the library to another library.


Avoid using alarm library names that are greater than 8 characters in length. While alarm group names can be up to 16 characters, because of space constraints, the alarm views display only the first 8 characters of the names. You will not see the complete name if it is longer than 8 characters.

If you want to use library names that are longer than 8 characters, you might want to create customized views that display up to the full 16-character names.

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