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Verifying your BBV load modules

In hilevel.BBSAMP, BMC Software has provided member BBVLVER, which is a job that verifies the presence of all CSECTs in the BBV load modules.

This job creates output that lists

  • Each CSECT

  • The actual CSECT name found

  • The PTF indicating the current maintenance level of each CSECT

  • Other pertinent information

To use BBVLVER, follow the instructions at the top of the member and submit the job.

An example of the output that is created is shown in following figure.

output created by BBVLVER

 BBVC223I BBVTBIND  BBVTBIND 3.1.0  BPV0237 10/01/02 14.07
 BBVC223I BBVTBTVD  BBVTBTVD 3.1.0  BPV0239 12/03/02 11.24
 BBVC223I BBVTCPAR  BBVTCPAR 3.1.0  BPV0138 02/13/95 15.47
 BBVC223I BBVTDQRY  BBVTDQRY 3.1.0  BPV0102 03/23/94 12.16
 BBVC223I BBVTEATI  BBVTEATI 3.1.0  BPV0071 12/10/93 15.34
 BBVC223I BBVTEATP  BBVTEATP 3.1.0  BPV0192 11/11/97 14.36
 BBVC223I BBVTEATS  BBVTEATS 3.1.0  BPV0083 01/07/94 16.52
 BBVC223I BBVTEATX  BBVTEATX 3.1.0  BPV0221 11/02/00 13.55
 BBVC223I BBVTECTL  BBVTECTL 3.1.0  BPV0109 05/19/94 12.23
 BBVC223I BBVTEDEV  BBVTEDEV 3.1.0  BPV0195 02/13/98 16.23
 BBVC223I BBVTEDYN  BBVTEDYN 3.1.0  BPV0192 11/11/97 14.36
 BBVC223I BBVTETRM  BBVTETRM 3.1.0  BPV0145 06/01/95 10.39
 BBVC223I BBVTEUCB  BBVTEUCB 3.1.0  BPV0109 05/19/94 12.28
 BBVC223I BBVTLOGH  BBVTLOGH 3.1.0  BPV0237 10/01/02 14.07
  BBVC223I BBVTLTRM  BBVTLTRM 3.1.0  BPV0226 12/19/00 12.08
 BBVC223I BBVTMAIN  BBVTMAIN 3.1.0  BPV0232 02/01/02 11.53
 BBVC223I BBVTPARM  BBVTPARM 3.1.0  BPV0218 07/07/00 11.27
 BBVC223I BBVTRACE  BBVTRACE 3.1.0  BPV0116 08/15/94 10.15

Each field in this output, from left to right, is explained in the following list:



Message Number

Contains one of three message number values:


Is issued when a CSECT cannot be found; names the missing CSECT.


Provides information about a CSECT that is present and verifies correctly. If only the CSECT name appears after this message number, the CSECT is actually a sub-CSECT of the preceding primary CSECT.


Is issued before and after the BBVC222E message without any message text. BBVC224E serves to offset the BBVC222E message so that missing CSECTs are easier to locate in the output.

Expected CSECT Name

Is the name of the CSECT that is expected to be found. One entry exists for each CSECT and sub-CSECT in the BBV load modules.

Actual CSECT Name

Is the name of the CSECT that is actually found during the verification procedure.

If no value appears in this field, the named CSECT is a sub-CSECT.

If this name is different from the Expected CSECT Name value, contact BMC Software Customer Support.


Is the release level of the MainView Alternate Access component.

PTF Number

Is the number of the PTF indicating the level of maintenance for the CSECT. If a CSECT has no PTFs associated with it, this field is skipped.


Is the date that the PTF was created.


Is the time that the PTF was created.

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