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Using the alarm deployment feature

With alarm definition deployment, you can deploy one or more MainView Alarm Management definitions from one file system to one or more file systems for use on other systems.

You can use MainView Explorer or the MainView windows environment to deploy MainView Alarm Management definitions.

To deploy alarm definitions

  1. Display one of the alarm definition views.
  2. Select one or more definitions that you want to deploy.
    • MainView windows environment—Enter the T line command next to one or more definition names.

    • MainView Explorer

      • To select one definition, click a definition name.

      • To select multiple definitions, click the Enable Selections button

  3. Start the deployment wizard.
    • MainView windows environment—Enter the DEPloy primary command.

    • MainView Explorer—Right-click a selected definition name and choose Line action >Deploy an Alarm Definition.

  4. Complete the deployment wizard.

    The deployment process starts and the DPLYMNT view is displayed showing the status of the request. For more information about the DPLYMNT view, see Managing and monitoring the deployment process.

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