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Using the abbreviated logon command

An abbreviated logon command can be used to log on to a VTAM session from a VTAM terminal.

Your VTAM configuration might contain a USS table (USSTAB) entry or a logon interpret (LOGTAB) table entry that defines a shorter command for logging on than the required minimum LOGON APPLID(applid) command.

The default abbreviated logon command is BBV.

During customization, sample LOGTAB and USSTAB entries can be created, but they must be added to production tables and the tables must be recompiled before the abbreviated command is usable. In addition, the USS parameter must be set to NO in the LAS initialization parameter list to enable the table entry and the abbreviated command (see Understanding LAS initialization parameters). Check with your VTAM site administrator to find out if a table entry is configured or if the default value was changed during customization.

To use the abbreviated command

  1. Issue the following command at the terminal logon screen:

    BBV [userID/password]


    • This command assumes that the default USS or logon interpret table entry, which specifies BBV, was not changed during customization.

    • The userID and password parameters are identical to the operands of the DATA parameter in the LOGON command; see Using the LOGON command for more information.


    Is the user ID to be associated with your session. Any standard ID that TSO supports is supported by MainView Alternate Access; however, the ID must be defined to your external security manager to be accepted by MainView Alternate Access.

    If you specify BBV userID without password, and a password, passphrase, or IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS (IBM MFA ) is required, the password panel is displayed (see Using the logon panels ).

    If you are not required to provide a password, passphrase, or IBM MFA for the user ID, the logon panels are skipped and the default product menu is displayed.


    Specifies the password that is associated with the user ID. When you define the password value, you must define the userID value, and you must separate userID and password with a / (slash) character.

    If you specify BBV userID/password, the logon panels are skipped, and the default product menu is displayed. However, you might not want to define the password because it is visible on the screen when specified in the LOGON command.

    If you are using passphrases or IBM MFA, do not use password. You must enter the information manually on the password panel as explained in Using the password panel.

The following message appears when the abbreviated logon command is issued:


Then, depending on how you issue the abbreviated logon command, one or both of the MainView Alternate Access logon panels will appear (see Using the logon panels).

Examples of using the abbreviated logon command

The following examples show how the abbreviated logon command can be defined for a VTAM terminal session logon.

The default values are used in these examples, but your site might have defined other values.

Example 1

If you specify the following command, the user ID panel is displayed (see Using the logon panels):


Example 2

If you specify the following command, the password panel is displayed (see Using the logon panels), unless SXC2 is an invalid user ID:


Note: If SXC2 is an invalid user ID, the logon terminates.

Example 3

If you specify the following command and DRP1 is a valid user ID, the default product menu is displayed, unless DON is an invalid password:


Note: If DON is an invalid password, the password panel is displayed (see Using the logon panels ) so that you can enter the correct password.

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