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Using Plex Manager security tracing options

Plex Manager provides a variety of diagnostic tracing options, including one to trace the security calls that are being made by any MainView product.


In addition to Plex Manager security tracing, you can use the trace facilities and violation reports that are provided by your ESM. Refer to your ESM documentation for information about additional troubleshooting tools.

To trace security calls for a MainView product

  1. Navigate to the MainView product whose security calls you want to trace.
  2. On the COMMAND line of any product view, type DIAGMSG and press Enter.

    The DIAGMSG view is displayed, as shown in the following figure.

    ddmmmyyyy hh:mm:ss ---------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( ----------------
    COMMAND ===>                                                      SCROLL ===> PAGE
    CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>
     W1 =DIAGMSG==========SYSB======*=========ddmmmyyyy===hh:mm:ss==PLEXMGR==D===11===
    CMD Option   Status Scope    Description / Diagnostic Activity
    --- -------- ------ -------- ---------------------------------
        GXDM     OFF    Global   Extended Diagnostic Mode
        LXDM     OFF    Local    Extended Diagnostic Mode
        GEMM     ON     Global   Extended Message Mode
        LEMM     OFF    Local    Extended Message Mode
        LSEMM    OFF    Local    Security Extended Message Mode
        LESTR    OFF    Local    Extended Security Trace
        GESTR    OFF    Global   Extended Security Trace
        LSSTR    OFF    Local    Simple Security Trace
        GSSTR    OFF    Global   Simple Security Trace
        GSSM     OFF    Global   Safe Security Message Display
        WSXASTR  OFF    Window   Extended Authorization Simple Trace
  3. In the CMD line command field next to WSXASTR, type ON and press Enter.

    Extended Authorization Simple Trace is enabled. Extended Authorization is the internal process that MainView uses to authorize end-user access to resources that are protected by the security interface. When this diagnostic option is enabled, simple trace messages for Extended Authorization security calls from the current window are displayed prior to the requested view being displayed.

  4. On the COMMAND line, type the VIEW command for the view that you want to trace.

    A list of security calls (such as RACROUTE calls) is displayed in the current window instead of view data, as shown in the following figure.

    ddmmmyyyy hh:mm:ss ----------- MainView WINDOW INTERFACE ( ---------------
    COMMAND ===>                                                      SCROLL ===> PAGE
    CURR WIN ===> 1         ALT WIN ===>
    >W1 =TGTDEF====TGTDEFD====MVSB=======*==========(01 BROWSE )======PLEXMGR=========
    BBMXBK31W Security Extended Trace - key=BBM3YA10                              
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Function        : VIEW                                     
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Action Name     : VIEW                                     
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Internal Action : VIEWTAB                                  
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Resource Class  : $BBM                                     
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Entity Name     : BBM.PLEXMGR.SJSCEO42.CYA10.OD            
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Intent          : Read                                     
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Action Table    : BBMTH0P0                                 
    -Related:BBMXBK16W Internal Table  : CYA10                                    
    -Related:BBMXBK16W External Table  : TargetDef                                
    BBMXBK31W Security Extended Trace - key=BBM3YA10                              
    BBMXBK25W External security manager messages are present                      
    -Related:BBMSS809I Flgs=x'1000' List=x'0100' Maxl=x'0327'                     
    -Related:BBMSS810I Attr=READ Log=ASIS VolSer=?MISSING?                        
    -Related:BBMSS812I Entity(29)=BBM.PLEXMGR.SJSCEO42.CYA10.OD                   
    -Related:BBMXBK13W Security Service Return Code from SSRB(ssrc) : 0X00000004
  5. After reviewing the security calls, press Enter or END to display the requested view.


    Extended Authorization Simple Trace remains enabled until you turn it off from the DIAGMSG view. A list of security calls will be displayed for each view that you request. To display the view itself, press Enter or END.

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