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Troubleshooting in MainView Explorer

Problems accessing MainView Explorer (MVE) can be caused by restricted access to host data sets or some other MainView security call on the host server. For example, any of the following situations might prevent a user from accessing MVE:
  • The user does not have a valid user ID on the system where MainView host server is running.

  • A problem exists with the host server address space (such as a problem connecting to the CAS or a problem with the default port, 3940).

  • Some required MainView resource (such as connecting to the CAS) is universally secured.

The JES output for the MainView host server address space should resemble the following example:

BBWIB030I CAS(BBCS) connection is established
BBWIC067I MVE Parm member:BBMMVE00 in //BBIPARM DD not found
BBWIE001I MainView Explorer (6.2.00) SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE
BBWIC050I MVE waiting for connections on http://SJSC:3940
                     or BQY1338
BBWIC051I MVE TCP/IP server is ready
BBWIA001I Explorer Host Server initialization completed

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