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Technical requirements

MainView Alternate Access requires no changes to the operating system, hardware, or any BMC Software online components; however, MainView Alternate Access must execute from an APF-authorized library.

The priority of TASs should be set above priorities for batch jobs and should be set similar to the priorities for BMC Software online components that you are running.

Hardware considerations

MainView Alternate Access has the following hardware considerations:

  • DASD

    The approximate number of 3390-cylinders that are required for the MainView Alternate Access target libraries is 32; for the MainView Alternate Access distribution libraries, the approximate number is 38.

  • Virtual storage

    BMC Software recommends that you allow 4096 K of private storage to run MainView Alternate Access. The default LAS and TAS procedures specify REGION=4096 on the EXEC statement. BMC Software recommends that you do not change this value.

    The following table lists the 
    CSA requirements for MainView Alternate Access:

    CSA Requirements for MainView Alternate Access

    Address Space Type



    128 Bytes

    Each VTAM TAS

    284 Bytes

    All EXCP TASs1

    6 K

    1. The first EXCP TAS to initialize after an IPL allocates 6 K of CSA; this allocation supports any number of EXCP sessions and remains allocated until the next IPL.

Software considerations

MainView Alternate Access requires an OS/390 or z/OS configuration and operates with the following ESM system software products:

  • RACF 1.8.0 or later

  • CA-TOP SECRET 4.2 or later

  • CA-ACF2 5.2 or later

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