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Suppressing U4095 abends

MainView Infrastructure address spaces routinely use U4095 abends to terminate tasks. In most cases, MainView Infrastructure ESTAE processing suppresses the messages and dump that are associated with the abend.

However, there are times when tasks that are running under IBM UNIX System Services must be terminated. If UNIX System Services has an ESTAE set, that ESTAE attempts to force a dump when the U4095 abend occurs. The only way to prevent the dump from being taken is to use a SLIP command.

BBSAMP member BBMSLPBM contains the following SLIP command for suppressing U4095 abends:


You can use this SLIP command in one of two ways:

  • Copy BBMSLPBM to SYS1.PARMLIB(IEASLPBM) and add the statement SLIP=BM to an IEACMD xx member.

  • Copy the SLIP command to a COMMND xx or IEACMD xx member.

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