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Summary of Best Practices Managing the application

Best Practices: Managing the application

Decision or task

Best Practice

Collect information about the business application that you want to manage.

Define workloads to monitor the application.

  • Establish some basic service level objectives for the application.

  • Create workload definitions for the application by using the MainView products for IBM CICS, DB2, IMS, or z/OS.

Manage application availability and performance.

  • Use MainView VistaPoint to monitor workloads.

  • If MainView VistaPoint is not installed, use the MainView products for IBM CICS, DB2, IMS, or z/OS to monitor workloads. Create a customized screen definition that combines the workload objective views from those products.

Manage application exceptions.

  • Set MainView Alarm Management alarms on the metrics that indicate availability and performance.

Manage application transactions across systems and subsystems.

  • Use MainView Transaction Analyzer to track transactions on the mainframe.

  • Use Q Nami! product from MQSoftware to track non-mainframe transactions.

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