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Stopping a BBI-SS PAS

The BBI-SS PAS is terminated under two conditions:
  • System shutdown

  • BMC product or target system configuration modification, which might require changes to certain BMC parameters

A BBI-SS PAS can be either a started task or a job. If the BBI-SS PAS is a started task, you can terminate the BBI-SS PAS with a STOP command against the started task ID (stepname). If the BBI-SS PAS is a job, you can terminate the BBI-SS PAS with a CANCEL or STOP command; an example follows:

P procname

where procname is the job name or started procedure name of the BBI-SS PAS.

Or, if the PAS was started with an ID, issue

P id


Normal or abnormal termination of a target subsystem does not affect BBI-SS PAS operation. When a target subsystem terminates, active monitors or timer-driven service requests for that target subsystem quiesce automatically. They restart when the target subsystem resumes operation. Any attempt to execute services that require access to an inactive target subsystem result in a message being issued.

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