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Step 7: (optional) Defining a default LAS initialization parameter list

If you require VTAM session access from VTAM terminals, the instructions in this step are required; if your site needs only EXCP session access and/or access for VTAM AutoLogon sessions, you can skip this step.

An initialization parameter list is required when the LAS initializes. This parameter list must reside in your hilevel.sysid.UBBPARM data set, and it must be named BBVLAS00 .

You can create other parameter lists containing different initialization parameters if a single default list does not suit your site requirements; see Defining other LAS and TAS initialization parameter lists for more information.

To define the default LAS initialization parameter list

  1. Create UBBPARM member BBVLAS00 in hilevel.sysid.UBBPARM.


    You must name your default member BBVLAS00. If defining additional parameter list members, you must name them BBVLASxx, where xx is a unique value. Do not use a different naming convention for your parameter list members.

  2. Copy hilevel.BBPARM member BBVLAS00 to the new member.
  3. Follow the instructions at the top of the UBBPARM(BBVLAS00) member to customize the BBVLAS00 initialization parameter list.

    For more information about the LAS initialization parameters, see Understanding LAS initialization parameters.

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