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Step 2: (optional) Defining the VTAM major and minor nodes

If you require VTAM session access, the instructions in this step are required; if your site needs only EXCP session access, skip this step.

For VTAM access, a VTAM application major node definition must be created and placed in a data set that resides in the VTAMLST DD statement concatenation. Also, the VTAM minor node name prefix and number of minor nodes must be defined. The number of minor nodes that are defined determines the maximum number of VTAM sessions that can run concurrently.

To define the VTAM application major node definition, minor node name, and number of minor nodes

  1. Create member BBVTASA in a data set that belongs to the VTAMLST DD statement concatenation, or make sure that you move this new member to a VTAMLST DD data set after you have completed your modifications.
  2. Copy hilevel.BBSAMP member BBVTASA to the new member.

    The BBVTASA member can be used without modification to define the default VTAM application major node name (BBVTASA) and minor node root name (BBVTAS), if these names are acceptable to your site.

  3. If the default VTAM application major node name and minor node root name are not acceptable to your site, change the names.

    If you change the names, use the following conventions:

    • The major node name should be the same as the minor node root name, plus one character. For example, if the minor node root name is BBVTAS, the major node name should be BBVTASx, such as BBVTASA.

    • The prefix of the minor node APPL statements must match the minor node root name.

  4. Define one minor node APPL statement for each VTAM session.

    A default of 10 statements (BBVTA01 through BBVTAS10 APPL) is provided in the BBVTASA member. You can delete or add statements to suit your site requirements.


    The maximum number of minor node APPL statements that can be defined is determined by the number of characters in the minor node root name plus a unique numeric identifier. The combination of these two elements cannot exceed a total of 8 characters.

    For example, if you use the default minor node root name of BBVTAS, you can define up to 99 APPL statements (BBVTAS01 APPL through BBVTAS99 APPL); if you use a default minor root node name of BBTAS, you can define up to 999 APPL statements (BBTAS001 APPL through BBTAS999 APPL); and so on.

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