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Starting a CAS

This topic describes how to start a CAS.

To start a CAS


The CAS must be run as a started task. Refer to the topic, Creating the CAS startup procedure, for instructions on preparing a CAS startup procedure and defining cross-system communication between CASs on multiple systems.

  1. Verify that the JCL for the CAS started task procedure exists.

    Creating the CAS startup procedure describes the JCL for creating the CAS started task procedure. By default, the CAS started task procedure that is created during the installation configuration is called BBMCAS. Your site might have defined a different CAS procedure name and library.

  2. From the operator console, enter the START command.

    S procname[.id][,SSID=ssid][,REUSASID=YES][,parm,parm,...]

    See CAS START command parameters for a description of the variables in the START command.

  3. Look for the following console message that confirms that the CAS was started successfully:


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