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Starting a BBI-SS PAS

BBSAMP member SSJCL contains sample JCL to start a BBI-SS PAS.

You can edit this sample JCL to create a job or a procedure and to identify the type of start.

If the PROC statement is used, the BBI-SS PAS is activated as a started task. If the JOB statement is used, the BBI-SS PAS is activated by submitting the job. The BBLINK library must be authorized or initialization will fail.


The default region size is 64 MB to enable product access to sufficient extended storage. Storage is allocated only when needed .

Because the BBI-SS PAS is independent of the target system, the BBI-SS PAS should be started at IPL and remain active regardless of the status of the target systems.

To start the BBI-SS PAS, issue the following START command:

S procname[. id][SSID= ssid][,START= type]

where the components of the command are as follows:

Command component



Specifies the name of the startup procedure for the PAS

. id

(optional) assigns an arbitrary ID to the PAS started task

SSID= ssid

(optional) Specifies the subsystem ID for your system

This parameter overrides the subsystem ID specified in the PROC member

START= type

(optional) Specifies the type of BBI-SS PAS startup where type can be one of the following values:

  • WARM reuses control blocks previously obtained in CSA (default).

  • COLD frees control blocks held by any previous BBI-SS PAS and obtains new control blocks.

  • FREE frees control blocks in the same manner as a cold start and terminates the BBI-SS PAS immediately after the storage is freed.

  • KILL removes the BBI-SS PAS from the system as if it was never started and leaves control blocks allocated.


The KILL option should only be used in an emergency when the PAS cannot be restarted by any other method. The next time the BBI-SS PAS is started, an automatic cold start is performed.

A warm start is the default and should be used whenever possible. See Warm start of a BBI-SS PAS and Cold start of a BBI-SS PAS for more information.

If, during a BBI-SS PAS start, a link to another BBI-SS PAS fails because VTAM cannot complete the connection, the following message is issued:


where subsys is the one- to four-character BBI-SS PAS ID.

After this message is issued, BBI initialization continues. When the problem with the link is corrected, the link can be started with the BBI control command START LINK (see BBI control commands for more information about the START command).

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