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SSI context definition views

SSI context definitions are created with the MainView Plex Manager services.

Plex Manager provides a set of views to define and maintain context definitions:

  • CONDEFL lists the suffixes of BBPARM members that contain existing context definitions.

  • CONDEF lists the context definitions contained in a single BBPARM member.
    Use this view to add, cancel, change, copy, or delete context definitions within one member.

  • CONDEFD shows the details of a single context definition belonging to a single BBPARM member.
    You can perform all the same functions in CONDEFD to a single definition that you can perform in CONDEF for all SSI definitions.

An SSI context definition contains

  • One- to eight-alphanumeric character context name

  • Description of the SSI context

  • Filter conditions that identify target systems and products belonging to the context

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