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Specifying product initialization within the z/OS PAS

Use member BBATSP00 to control product initialization within the z/OS PAS.


This task is optional for the following products and does not apply to other products:


  • MainView for z/OS

  • MainView for UNIX System Services (USS)

  • MainView SYSPROG Services

  • MainView VistaPoint

All of the products are initialized by default. However, you can suppress the initialization of one or more products by using BBATSP00.

To control product initialization within the z/OS PAS

  1. Copy hlq.BBSAMP member BBAMVCPY to a private JCL library (where hlq is the high-level qualifier that is used for MainView for UNIX System Services data sets at your site).

    BBAMVCPY contains JCL to execute IEBCOPY, which will copy BBPARM member BBATSP00 to a UBBPARM library.

  2. Customize the JCL in BBAMVCPY by following the instructions at the top of the member.
  3. Submit the job.
  4. Review the job output to verify that the IEBCOPY job was successful.
  5. In UBBPARM member BBATSP00, use the following syntax to enable or disable a product:

       <name>   ppppp     </name>
       <server> ssssssss  </server>
       <target> tttttttt  </target>
       <enable | disable />

    The variables are specified according to the following table:


    One of the following product abbreviations:




    MainView for z/OS


    When enabling MainView for z/OS, ensure that MainView SYSPROG Services is also enabled to activate the SYSPROG Services component of MainView for z/OS.


    MainView for UNIX System Services


    MainView SYSPROG Services


    MainView VistaPoint


    One- to eight-character job name of the z/OS PAS


    One- to eight-character name of the context for the z/OS PAS

  6. To disable a product, change <enable/> to <disable/> in BBATSP00.
  7. Save the member and restart the PAS.
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