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Security resource definitions listed by product

Each MainView product is distributed with resource definitions for:
  • Resources that are common to all MainView products

  • Resources that are specific to a product, such as the data that is accessed by views and the commands that can be issued against that data

The SERDEFL view lists resource definition members that reside in a security parameter library (BBSECURE by default). Selecting a member from SERDEFL shows a description of each resource as modified, if necessary, in that definition in the SERDEF view. The MainView security interface uses the information from this view to build the authorization request that it makes to your ESM. These authorization requests for common and product-specific resources are shown in this section by:

  • Type of default resource viewed with SERDEF

  • Type of authorization request passed to your ESM

MainView products generally have from one to five default resource entity names that control all the resources for the product. To enable or disable all security for a product, you need only disable or enable the appropriate high-level resources:

  • Any Action

  • Default - Specific Table Actions

  • Default - Alter Data Set

  • Default - Any Table Actions

  • Default - Table Data

The resource tables list the security resources that are protected by each MainView product. For each resource, the table shows the following information:

Resource name in SERDEF view

The name of the resource as it appears in the SERDEF resource definition view

Default entity name

The entity name that is shared by a set of similar resources and is used for high-level control of the entire set

Entity name after substitution

The entity name for a particular resource with any substituted symbolic values

For a description of how the symbolics are used, see Resource naming convention.

The security class name for all resources, unless otherwise indicated, is $BBM, which is transformed by default to the external resource class FACILITY.

This section containss the following topics:

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