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Security considerations

MainView Alternate Access uses the MVS SAF interface to verify security and supports the following external security manager (ESM) products:
  • CA-ACF2

  • RACF


Security is provided only for the VTAM or EXCP sessions that MainView Alternate Access initiates and supports. MainView Alternate Access security is in addition to the security that is provided by individual products.

Any RACF USERID, CA-ACF2 LOGONID, or CA-TOP SECRET ACID (all referred to as user ID throughout this section) to be used with a MainView Alternate Access session must be defined to your site’s ESM. If an ID is not defined to your ESM, it is denied logon access by MainView Alternate Access; if an ID is defined, security checks that are associated with the user ID are supported and verified by MainView Alternate Access through the standard MVS SAF interface.

Your ESM might require further customization for MainView Alternate Access. For example, if RACF is not customized, any user ID is allowed to log on through MainView Alternate Access without specifying a password. Each ESM requires specific customization by your site security administrator for session support. 

Optionally, MainView Alternate Access provides facilities to secure user IDs for use with AutoLogon sessions. Depending on your site requirements, AutoLogon sessions may be configured with user IDs that do not require manual entry of clear text passwords. In addition, sessions can be further secured so that they can be used only at specifically authorized VTAM terminals.

For more information about defining security for MainView Alternate Access, see Security implementation for MainView Alternate Access.

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