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Pushing the thresholds for a metric

Use the following procedure to push the recommended threshold values for a specific metric to the mainframe.

The thresholds for each defined severity level (such as Critical, Warning, and Informational) and the associated calendar periods for a given business week are pushed as a set.

If the push operation is successful, the threshold set and calendar period definitions are:

  • Stored in the CASPERM registry on the local system

  • Made available for use, or enabled, automatically

To push the thresholds for a metric

  1. On the Reporting page, click the Threshold report tab for the metric whose thresholds you want to push.
  2. In the Report Actions area, click Push recommended threshold values to the mainframe
  3. In the Push Thresholds to Mainframe dialog box, enter the value for each field, as described in the following figure.



    UIM Server

    Host name or IP address of the User Interface Middleware (UIM) server that communicates with the system where you want to push threshold values


    MainView Threshold Advisor attempts to push threshold values to the same system from which the performance data was collected (that is, the system that you specified in the metric recording request). Specify a UIM server that has a connection to that system.


    Port number that the UIM server is using to communicate

    The default port number is 3683.

    Virtual Directory

    (optional) Virtual directory where MainView Threshold Advisor web services are located on the UIM server

    The default directory is axis2/services/MVIService.

    TSO User ID

    User ID to be used when accessing the UIM server

    TSO Password

    Password to be used when accessing the UIM server

  4. Click Push Thresholds.

    The recommended threshold values for the selected metric are pushed to the specified UIM server. The status bar at the bottom identifies the metric that you pushed by its product.table.element combination.


    You must push the recommended threshold values for each metric to the mainframe independently by using the Push recommended threshold values option on the report tab for that metric.

    When the push operation completes, the Reporting page displays the following message:

    The status of this Product.Table.Element has changed on the mainframe.

    A log of the push operation is displayed in a separate window (See following figure).


    You can also display a log of the most recent push operation for a specific metric at any time by clicking View Threshold Push Log File on the report tab for that metric.

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