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Program function (PF) key definitions

A set of program function (PF) key definitions is maintained for each MainView product family and the General Services LOG application. These definitions make PF key usage unique to each product.


PF keys are also referred to as function keys or F keys.

The key definitions are maintained as members of a site or a user's BBPROF data set. The member name is xxxx PFK, where xxxx can be any of the following values:

  • CICS, DB2, AO, or IMS for the product applications

  • BBI for PF key defaults if no product application PF key members exist

  • LOG for log display defaults

The following table describes the default PF key definitions.

PF key



PF1 PF13


Displays online Help and tutorial information about the current application

PF2 PF14


Splits the screen at the cursor into two logical screens

PF3 PF15


Returns to the previous application

PF4 PF16


Copies the current screen to the BBISPRNT data set, which can be printed later

PF5 PF17


(MainView AutoOPERATOR, MainView for DB2, MainView for DBCTL, and MainView for IMS Online) Transfers to the Log Display general service

(MainView for CICS) Expands to another service display to provide more information about the selected resource

PF6 PF18


Refreshes an automatic service display

Displayed application data is refreshed dynamically at the user-defined interval that is specified in the INTVL field of the application display. To stop the refresh cycle, use the attention interrupt key.

PF7 PF19


Scrolls up (backward) the number of lines specified on the COMMAND line

Note: The default value varies with each application.

PF8 PF20


Scrolls down (forward) the number of lines specified on the COMMAND line

Note: The default value varies with each application.

PF9 PF21


Switches between the logical screens created with PF2/14

PF10 PF22


Scrolls to the left

PF11 PF23


Scrolls to the right

PF12 PF24


Retrieves the last command entered on the COMMAND line

You can reissue the retrieved command without changes, or you can change it and then reissue it.

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